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Celebrate Earth Day with Faith, Food, and Friends

In conjunction with our national partner, Interfaith Power & Light, we are pleased to offer access to this year’s Cool Harvest kit, which includes tools and resources to help your religious community think about connections between the food we eat and our impacts on the environment.
Click here to order your free Cool Harvest kits!

Earth Day in Your Community

In Dallas and Fort Worth, people from different religious traditions will gather for a shared meal to build community and explore ways they might work together on local environmental concerns. If you’re in the area, you’re invited to one of these vegetarian potlucks! Here’s info about Fort Worth’s potluck on April 19th, and Dallas’s potluck on April 26th.

Earth Day in Your Congregation

There are all kinds of ways to celebrate Earth Day in your congregation! Consider these SWIMming ideas:

Stewardship – As a community, commit to increased recycling; switch from Styrofoam plates & cups to re-usable or compostable products; organize a weatherizing work party to seal around doors and windows; upgrade to more energy-efficient lighting…

Worship – Include a message about our religious responsibility to care for the environment in your worship service. Check out our religious resources on caring for creation. Or consider adding a “gratitude moment” to your service—a short space for reflecting on the beauty and gifts of the earth. This is a simple way we can be more attentive to the natural world and our place in it.

Instruction – Include teachings about caring for God’s creation in educational offerings for children, youth, and adults. Go on a nature hike—or, as a community, walk the neighborhood by your house of worship. Just being outside together can be a wonderful way to connect to nature and to each other.

Mission – As a community, commit to engaging in an action project. Maybe different education classes or committees can develop a rotating schedule of responsibility for a new, on-site vegetable garden. Or your house of worship could advocate for policies that would better care for people and the planet that we share.

There are so many ways to make a difference. Just jump in and start SWIMming, and let us know how we can help!