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Town Hall Meeting Time

Sometimes Washington D.C. seems so far away that our voices can’t heard by our legislators.  It’s different in August.  The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives are on recess, and our legislators are right here at home with us in Texas.  Now is our chance to talk with them in person and to have our voices heard. 

The Town Hall Project shows over two dozen town hall meetings scheduled by representatives in Texas this month.  If you’re not sure who your representative is, enter your zip code at this link to find out.  It also will give you a link to your representative’s webpage, where you can find a local phone number and office address.  You may want to schedule a personal meeting with your representative, if they haven’t scheduled a town hall meeting.    

Interfaith Power & Light’s Town Hall Toolkit will help you prepare to meet with your representative. The toolkit provides a means to research climate issues being considered by the House.  It also gives suggestions for participating in a town hall meeting and talking with your representative.  Interfaith Power & Light draws from the wisdom of diverse faith traditions and the findings of scientific research to develop positions on climate issues. The toolkit contains links to these positions, as well as links to current actions, such as speaking in opposition to the proposed defunding of EPA’s Energy Star programBeing informed will help you be an effective advocate on climate issues.    

Good luck, and go advocate!