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How Cool is Your Congregation?

Take the Interfaith Power and Light Carbon Footprint Quiz

Enter the contest between now and March 1, 2009 for a chance to win money for your congregation:

$5,000 for the congregation with the lowest overall emissions per congregant (in pounds)
$5,000 for the biggest carbon loser - the congregation that has shrunk its footprint the most (as a percentage)

This is a nationwide contest, but we think Texas congregations are up to the challenge and that we can win this thing!

Here’s how it works:

1. Gather information.  Download our checklist so you can collect data about your congregation.

2. Enter the contest before March 1, 2009.  

3. Lower your congregation’s carbon footprint.  The calculator will suggest ways to get started, and we have more ideas at our website.

4. Invite congregants to take the household challenge. Together we can make even more of an impact. 

5. Measure your progress.  Come back to the Cool Congregations website to see how you and your congregation have improved.  (Remember, the contest ends March 1, 2010.)

The Cool Congregations Challenge will be a great way for your congregation to start the New Year.  Good luck!