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Today, I'm Learning about the Sikh Tradition

Submitted by Yaira on Mon, 2012-08-06 15:53

As my heart and prayers go out to the Sikh community following yesterday’s horrific shooting in Wisconsin, my resolve to work toward creating a community that is more accepting, more loving, and more whole grows even stronger. Because I know that the first step in building community is knowing about the people in that community, I am devoting some time today to learning more about the Sikh tradition. Today I write to share a little of what I’ve learned—and, as I like to do, I begin with a story.

Religious Wisdom the World Needs Now

Submitted by Yaira on Sun, 2012-01-08 16:04

This was my first visit to the Zen Center. One of the Buddhist priests had invited me to encourage his students to engage in interfaith environmental work. I was a little nervous, but something about this group—their open spirit, perhaps, and honest questions—quickly put me at ease and helped me speak from the heart. At some point, I found myself saying, “The Buddhist tradition has beautiful teachings about how all life is interconnected, and the world desperately needs this wisdom! Please share it.”

Global warming is a huge behemoth of a problem. It challenges us to work together across the globe in new and unprecedented ways—ways we clearly haven’t figured out yet, as international climate talks repeatedly fail to produce significant agreements. Meanwhile, individual people are waking up to the climate crisis, struggling to make sense of it, and wondering how to respond.