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Living In A Warmer World, Week 4: Climate Change Tipping Points

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Part 4: Climate Change Tipping Points

Spiritual Practices as a Guide for Climate Wellness

Practice #4: Personal Tipping Points

In a moment of quiet - perhaps outdoors, perhaps while meditating, or maybe while journaling - consider: have you experienced a tipping point in your life? A moment when suddenly, it felt as though the ground shifted beneath you and your perspective shifted? Sometimes in our personal journeys, tipping points can be positive developments, opportunities to leap into new growth and possibilities. Are there any personal tipping points on your horizon?

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Your Health, Our Climate

Tip #4: Rethinking stuff

Most of us have more stuff than we reasonably need in order to live happy, healthy, and meaningful lives. Rethinking our relationship to stuff can help us simplify and have a lighter carbon footprint. Do you have things that you don’t really need? Give them away to a local charity. Are you planning to buy something new? Consider buying something that has been gently used, instead. Going one step further, challenge yourself: is that new purchase something you really need, or can you go without?

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Engaging Your Community

Step #4: Communicate In Your Community

Write a letter to the editor about climate change and submit it to your local paper. For some tips about how to write a letter to the editor, click here. You might also consider writing a blog post, if you have an online presence, or writing something for your congregational newsletter. All of these public communications are good ways to show the larger community that people are concerned enough about climate change to take action.

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